Open Access Networks

Municipal Access Agreements

Metro Fibrewerx has a Municipal Access Agreement (MAA) with the City of Toronto to install fibre networks in the City's public infrastructure. Metro Fibrewerx owns and maintains the fibre networks. Individual fibres are leased on long term fixed priced contracts.

Registered with the CRTC

Metro Fibrewerx is registered with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a Non-Dominant Carrier.

Deployment Technologies

Metro Fibrewerx deploys fibre networks using traditional construction methods and micro trenching technologies. Micro trenching is ideal for building lateral connections and in last mile applications where traditional installations may be cost prohibitive or are not permitted by municipalities due to space limitations in the utility corridor or right of way that is typical in the downtown areas of large cities. Micro trench technologies effectively minimize disruption of existing public infrastructure, pedestrian access and vehicle traffic flows.

Micro Duct in Micro Trench

Traditional Hand Hole Using Micro Duct

When possible to simplify the fibre network installation, Metro Fibrewerx utilizes space that can be leased in existing ducts and cable pathways.